Infrared Refrigerant Gas Sensors

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The SHERLOCK NON-DISPERSIVE IR REFRIGERANT GAS SENSOR was designed to monitor for the presence of refrigerant gases within an enclosed space. The sensor is mounted within the space to be monitored and connected by cable to a SHERLOCK, Wizard or EMS System. Each sensor is calibrated to a specific refrigerant gas. The IR comes in two different styles depending upon the monitoring environments: machine room and cold room for refrigerated applications in NEMA 3R Aluminum (Pictured). Water-tight ABS fiberglass housing for Wash down protection (NEMA 3R) and Stainless Steel enclosure also available for special applications.

The IR Sensor is a reliable method of monitoring for refrigerant gas leaks in environments that have air quality problems. The IR sensor will eliminate many false alarms in environments that contain gasoline, diesel, and propane exhaust and fumes from solvents, paints, cleansers, and others (Please call Genesis Customer Support for more information).



                                Aluminum, Painted

DIMENSIONS:        12.86" x 4.8" x 2.44"

                                (326.5mm x 122mm x 62mm)



            Machine Room Model     32° -110°F (0° -43.3°C)

            Freezer Room Model      -40° -110°F (-40° -43.3°C)

      Humidity                                 0 TO 90% RH Non-Condensing


    Sherlock / Wizard            12VDC, 0.4 A  

    StandAlone                        10V DC - 36V DC Switching


    Standard                             4 to 20 mA (Standalone Sensor) 

                                                  0 to 20 mA (Sherlock/Wizard)

OUTPUTS (not available on all models)

    Custom Standalone         0 to 5 V DC 

                                                  0 to 10 V DC

EFFECTIVE RANGE:               0 to 1000 ppm (Control Dependent)

SENSITIVITY:                         ±1 ppm at 25° C, 45% RH

RESOLUTION:                        1 ppm

RESPONSE TIME:                  Less than 60 Seconds

CALIBRATION:                       Every 6 Months

WARM-UP TIME:                   Readings will stabilize after 3 hours





















Typical applications include:

    HVAC Chiller Equipment Rooms

    Refrigeration Mechanical Rooms

    Refrigerated Rooms



    Food Processing Plants

For additional information, please contact one of our sales representatives at 636-282-0011.