GENCOM 3000 On-Site Supervisory and Alarming System

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GemCom 3000 is an easy to use on-site system, utilizing computers for facility, supervisory, and alarm monitoring. A minimum system consists of the latest dual core Windows based computer, one RPI system which consists of 16 data input channels/ 8 alarm output channels. It monitors up to 250 data points. Each data point can be:

GenCom3000 stores the point data on the monitoring computer for up to one year or more.  Users can review, modify, graph and print the point data at any time. Remote access is possible through a remote access, fast-speed modem. Remote users can review, modify, graph and print all information same as local users. All systems can be linked to Android OS smartphones for advanced alarming and viewing. Alarms may also be sent to the appropriate user by utilizing the RPI panel notification context.

The computer will allow an operator to display the floor plan of the facility with each data point designated and the current reading displayed.  During normal operations, the GenCom3000 compares these values to two sets of high and low alarms for each individual data type.  If a data point exceeds one of these limits for a specified period of time, GenCom3000 initiates one or two of eight alarm routines for each data point, activating pre-assigned alarm relays.


Main Window

Overall statistics on data points and access to different menus



Shows a rendition of the facility layout.  Layouts can be in vivid color and can spread out to multiple pages. Each data point such as temperature point, refrigeration case, cooler, freezer and system that GenCom3000 monitors is depicted with their current status and alarm condition alarm condition indicated by their color or reading.  The operating parameters can be adjusted by "clicking" on the icon and making the appropriate changes on the worksheet that appears. Should a point be in alarm, the alarm can be acknowledged by check mark the acknowledgement cell.                            

Fig. 2 - Facility Layout

Data Point graph

Selected data point in shown in graphic format. X-axis is the time and date. User can zoom in, zoom out or pan to an area within the graph. Up to seven days of data can be shown in one screen. The graph can be printed out or exported to a file.





Each data point has two levels of high alarm and two levels of low alarm. All data, once collected, is compared to a unique list of alarm parameters.  All alarm parameters have alarming time delays.  Data point to be greater than or less than the alarm level for a minimum amount of time before activating the alarming routines.  Each data point may exceed its alarm values briefly during normal operations, then recover to normal levels. Not all equipment parameters have to be set to activate alarms, some can be monitored to provide a serviceman additional data to solve problems. Alarm log keeps history of local and remote alarms set and reset events.

Date point alarms can be grouped together as alarm groups. Each alarm group has local alarm and remote alarm. Each alarm group can activate up to four alarm relays. The Gencom3000 Alarm Schemes are designed to allow the local maintenance staff the ability to identify and fix most problems prior to activating any call out alarm procedures.  If the problem is not solved or is beyond the capabilities of the local staff, the Gencom3000 Monitoring System will then activate the "Call Out" or "Remote" alarm procedures.

The Local Alarm should normally consist of an audio-visual alarm device located within the facility that will alert the facility personnel of an alarm condition. 

The Call Out or Remote Alarm activates a relay contact that should be connected to an alarm monitoring panel or dial out device. 

Security and Password Access

GenCom3000 has four levels of user access that restricts user get access to different parts of the functions within the program. All activities are logged to identify the users and access activities.

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