Wizard Evaporator Control System

Model: WEC Standard (add options: Humid Control, VSD Control, Gencom3000, Gencom2, and Modbus)
Standard Features Advanced Features
  • Display 2-line by 20 characters backlighted LCD for easy human interface.
  • Use menu selection method to perform configuration, system setting, alarm, log data, and status viewing.
  • Temperature displayed in Degree C or Degree F with 0.2 degree accuracy.
  • Demand-Defrost by Liquid Line Run Time.
  • Defrost up to 12 times a day.
  • Defrost Schedule for Monday-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Defrost Type: Hot Gas, Electric, Water, and Off-time.
  • Defrost Cycle: Six-cycle includes Pump Down, Soft Gas, Main Defrost, Drip, Equalizing, and Fan On Delay.
  • Defrost terminated by Defrost Temperature Probe, and Thermo Click-On.
  • Defrost manually started by Defrost Input, or by front panel Start Defrost Button.
  • Fan can be turned off when liquid line is turned off.
  • System Alarm has dedicated Alarm Relay output.
  • Optional Auxiliary Temp Monitoring has High/Low Alarming.
  • Built-in Setback Control. Setback schedules for Monday-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday can be set individually.
  • Built-in Standby Control. System can be put in Standby Mode in three ways: 1. External Standby Input. 2. Set to Act Now from Standby Control Menu. 3. Scheduling start/end time.
  • Built-in Load Shedding Control to avoid peak energy usage period in summer time. System can be put in Load Shedding Mode in three ways: 1. External Load Shed Input. 2. Set to Act Now from Load Shedding Menu. 3. Scheduling start/end time.
  • Built-in Leak Monitoring function.
  • Built-in Data Log function, data log & data graph can be viewed in Gencom2.
  • Models with built-in Humid / Dehumid Control.
  • Models with built-in VSD (Variable Speed Drive) function controls up to 2 variable speed.
  • Models with built-in connection to Gencom3000., an On-Site Supervisory and Alarming System.
  • Models with built-in Remote Communication, Gencom2.
  • Model with Modbus communication for BACnet automation system.