Conventional Redundant System

Compressor / Condenser / Evaporator Control System

An all-in-one electronic control that can combines two compressors or one compressor / one unloader, up to three condenser fans, a single off-time/electric defrost circuit, the case temperature of a single system, and the monitoring and alarming of all monitored pressures and temperatures.

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The Compressor Condenser Evaporator Control System supports many capabilities for the following controls:

Compressor Control - The CES can control two steps, either two compressor or one compressor and one unloader which can be controlled by sunction pressure, case temperature, or suction pressure reset.

Condenser Control - The CES can control a condenser fan bank with up to 3 fan stages or speeds. The fans can be controlled based upon head pressure, liquid line temperature, or when the compressor is running.

Defrost - The CED can operated a single deforst circuit in off-time or electric cycles. The defrost schedule can include up to 8 cycles, a pump-down cycle, a drip cycle, and an evaporator fan on delay. Defrosts can be terminated by temperature or suction pressure.

Dual Fail Safe Control - The CES can be installed on a dual system to provide fail safe control on systems where increased total system reliability and tighter temperature control is required. Using CAN Bus technology, both units remain in constant communication with each other.