Wizard Compressor Control

Models: WCC-P7, WCC-P12 with add on options (VSD Control, Gencom3000, Gencom2, and Modbus)
Standard Features Advanced Features
  • Operate a parallel, Multiple Staged Compressor Rack on a single suction group, utilize suction pressure, room temperature, and chill water temperature to control up to a 12 stages, combination of 7 compressors and 11 unloaders.
  • Compressors can be staged in SEQ-RR Sequential and Round-Robin Mode, or in Mix-Match Mode.
  • Display 2-line by 20 characters backlighted LCD for easy human interface.
  • Use menu selection method to perform configuration, system setting, alarm, log data, and status viewing.
  • Temperature displayed in Degree C or Degree F with 0.2 degree accuracy.
  • Support monitoring and alarming oil failure on each compressor.
  • Multiple high/low alarming based on head pressure / suction pressure / room and water temperature.
  • Shut down compressor on High Suction Pressure Alarm.
  • Support Swing Compressor.
  • Support SPR - Suction Pressure Reset, based on room temperature.
  • Support receiver high/low alarm, Receiver Input can be switch or analog type.
  • Support A/C - air conditioning mode.
  • Support 2-Stage System.
  • Built-in Standby Control. System can be put in Standby Mode by external Standby Input or by configuration setting.
  • Built-in Data Log function, data log & data graph can be viewed in Gencom2.
  • Independent single stage Satellite (Room2) controlled by temperature.
  • Models with built-in VSD Variable Speed Drive function, controls up to 2 variable speed.
  • Models with built-in connection to Gencom3000, an On-Site Supervisory and Alarming System.
  • Models with built-in Remote Communication, Gencom2.
  • Model with Modbus communication for BACnet automation system.