SHERLOCK Service Buddy
Portable Gas Monitor


The SHERLOCK Service Buddy Portable Refrigerant Gas Monitor is for applications that require a service technician to install or service refrigeration equipment in an area that is not protected by a refrigerant gas monitoring system. The portable unit comes complete with a molded plastic carrying case, a SHERLOCK 202 Control Module, a 95dB buzzer, two refrigerant gas sensors and a 120V wallplug cord. All alarm levels are factory programmed and user settable, depending upon refrigerant

  • User definable alarm setpoints and delays.

  • Simple 3-wire low voltage sensors - PRE-WIRED.

  • Continuous monitoring of both sensor.

  • Each alarm level has a two SPDT relays.

  • Display constantly shows sensor levels, alarm setpoints and current alarm status.

  • Capable of monitoring multiple gases.

  • Effective monitoring range from 25 to 1000 PPM

  • Programmable setback timer and two manual setback inputs to reduce false alarms.

  • Built in 95db alarm buzzer

  • Built-in 180 degree visible Alarm LED

The Refrigerant Gas Monitor provides an early warning for applications that require a service technician to install or service equipment in an area that is unprotected from refrigerant leaks.

Monitoring Panel

The Sherlock 102 Control Module is a hard wired, permanently mounted electronic control panel that is capable of monitoring the analog output signal of one Sherlock Refrigerant Gas Sensors or Oxygen Depletion Sensors. The Control Module will activate four Form C SPDT relay contacts based upon the programmed alarm setpoints of each sensor. The relays are referred to as K1, K2 for the first alarm level and K3, K4 for the second alarm level. There is optional zone isolation alarm relay (K5 & K6) for each Sensor. The Control Module can be located in the area to be monitored, or in a separate location, typically outside of the monitored room.

Monitoring Points

Each monitoring point consists of an analog signal generating sensor connected to the control module via discrete, three conductor cable. Each sensor can be mounted up to 1000 feet away in locations where leaked refrigerant is likely to concentrate.

Ceramic Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) or Solid State Sensor

Alarm Level Settings

The Sherlock 102 allows you to set a unique Level 1 Alarm Setpoint and delay and Level 2 Alarm Setpoint and delay for each individual sensor. When an Alarm Setpoint is exceeded, after the user set delay, corresponding alarm relays are activated Each Alarm Setpoint has a programmable Alarm Delay, 1 to 120 minutes. Sensor readings are required to exceed an Alarm Setpoint for the programmed amount of time before the control activates the corresponding alarm relay contacts. For example, if the Alarm Setpoint is 200 and the Alarm Delay is five minutes, the control will enter an alarm condition only if the sensor detects a level of 200 or higher for more than five minutes.