PAC III Portable Leak Detector

The most offered in a Single Gas Monitor. It's the...

  • Toughest - metal-plated ABS housing
  • Loudest - horn 95 dB @ 1 ft. distance
  • Brightest - alarm light enhances view ability.
  • Smartest - can utilize over 20 gas sensors

...Single Gas Instrument


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PACIII: The Most in a Single Gas Monitor

The PacIII Monitor delivers the most! The loudest audible alarm, the largest display, the easiest-to-use electronics, and the smartest sensors. All of these features are found in this small and rugged gas monitor. The PacIII is the most versatile gas detection instrument because it can utilize any one of more than twenty intelligent sensors, and quickly switch between them in the field. The sensors provide fast and accurate responses to hazardous gas levels while the attention-getting alarms make sure you know that danger is present. The PacIII provides the most sensing and alarming capabilities of any single gas monitor in the industry today.

Rugged Housing. Many gas-monitoring applications are also environmentally challenged. It is not uncommon to work in environments that are hot, cold, wet, dirty, or affected by corrosive gases. These extreme working environments, such as an offshore oil rig or an underground mine, put equipment to the test. PacIII was designed to handle these tough conditions in stride. The metal plated ABS housing provides a light-weight package that is easy to wear, but can take a beating in the field.

Regardless of accidental drops, unintentional bumps, or the occasional submersion in water, the PacIII is still ready to measure gas and sound its alarms. O-rings seal the housing from water or dust. The horn and sensor compartments are sealed against the elements, too. The PacIII is ready for the most demanding applications.

RFI Shielding. The shinny silver package is not just for looks. The chrome-plated housing provides superior resistance to potential Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This means that you can use walkie-talkies in close proximity to the unit without causing false alarms.

In addition to protection against RFI, the metallic coating serves to protect the instrument against heat radiation; a valuable feature in the primary metals industry where high heat exposure is common. The PacIII instrument is fully protected against the environment so it can do its job, protecting those who wear it!

Easy Operation. The PacIII is one tough little instrument, but very easy to operate. The three buttons on the front of the unit turn it ON, OFF, and access routinely needed data like battery levels. Operations like acknowledging alarms and activating the backlight are clearly marked. Implementing this instrument into your gas-monitoring program is a breeze.

Operational Display. The large display constantly communicates information to the user. The gas concentration is continuously shown in large numbers for quick analysis of the situation. Below the concentration is the measuring units (ppm or %val.) and the gas being measured (e.g.. CO, Cl2, PH3, etc.). Alarm levels are also shown in the display. The bottom line of the display is reserved for special information characters. For example, a battery icon tells you that there is a low battery condition. All alarms and warnings are announced with an audible and visual signal and display message or character. The PacIII communicates the information you want and need to know.

Menu Driven Functions. Functions such as calibration and alarm set points are adjusted through plain language menu commands. These functions are protected by a pass code to prevent accidental or unauthorized adjustment. In this mode, the three-buttons act as UP, DOWN, and ENTER buttons to navigate you through the menu. Operation of the PacIII is very intuitive.

ENCLOSURE RATING -- Ingress Protection, IP-66

DIMENSIONS -- 2.6" x 4.3" x 1.3" (67 x 116 x 32 mm)

WEIGHT -- 7.0 oz (200g)

ENVIRONMENT -- -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C)


  • Alkaline 9V: 600 hours

  • Lithium: 1000 hours

  • NiMH: 200 hours

AUDIBLE ALARM -- Piezo-electric buzzer, 95 dB @ 1 ft.

VISUAL ALARM -- Two high intensity LED's

WARNING SIGNALS -- A1, A2, TWA, STEL, and low battery (exposure alarms per ACGIH or TRGS 402)


Please contact Genesis International, Inc. for a complete list of available gas sensors.